We are independent mobile app developer company in Malaysia and proudly to bring the optimal technology solution required by every customer in all business areas. We offer ready-made native mobile app with customisation available with charge.

Say goodbye to expensive developers and unreliable freelancers.

Get high-class, professional mobile apps in just 7 days.

Any business owner, no matter what niche, online or offline, who wants to drive more sales and get more customer engagement on business.

Customize mobile apps to match your brand in seconds.

Apps are more convenient for users easier to navigate.

Everybody loves apps because they’re more convenient, faster and easier for users to navigate than the mobile web.

Why Mobile App?

1. Mobile App gives you freedom to provide value to your customers such as creating a promotion, discount code, create in-app content that your customers can share, and many more.

2. Your business will definitely stand out from the others as mobile app is one of the most powerful branding medium in this digital era.

3. Mobile app boosts your branding and consumers’ confidence. By having a mobile app under your brands name, its proven that you can stand out from the crowd.

4. Biggest and one of the powerful features. You can freely send push notifications to notify clients for promotions, etc. With advance push notification services, you can have the following: Ability to push message with URL, cover image, specific location (GEOFENCE), specific user and by schedule.

5. App allows to take over device like cameras, QR codes, use for payments, or even to access maps.

6. Purchasing in an app is smoother and more secured compared to website purchases.

Bersedia untuk mula?

Pilih aplikasi yang memenuhi keperluan anda.

Jimat masa dan kos Siap dalam masa 7 hari
Caj tambahan dikenakan jika memerlukan pengubahsuaian tertentu.

AQAD Bizz-App

Mobile App Jenama Perniagaan Anda Sendiri

Kustomer muaturun aplikasi dari Play Store untuk memulakan urusniaga online dengan anda.

Aplikasi yang memudahkan pengurusan pesanan samada dari Reseller / Dropship, kustomer borong atau runcit anda tanpa masalah kesilapan pengiraan harga!!

Cuba dulu sebelum beli!!

AQAD Muslim-Bizz

Muat turun aplikasi percuma AQAD Muslim-Bizz dan ketahui betapa mudahnya berurusniaga dalam komuniti Pengguna dan Peniaga Muslim.

AQAD Muslim-Bizz;
✓ Membolehkan semua peniaga Muslim memiliki kedai online sendiri.
✓ Memudahkan pencarian peniaga Muslim.